Blu Ray Players With Wifi - A Hot New Trend 2012

Technology is moving forward so fast, und so does SEO Ulm. A decade ago we were watching VHS video tapes, after that was the time of DVDs, then blu ray arrived offering an amazing sound and picture quality. If you got your blu ray player some years ago, well now it is already time to get a new one... why? Wi-fi blu ray players have arrived and now you will not only be able to watch blu ray movies... by using a blu ray player with wifi you will take your entertainment experience to another totally new level. With wifi you will be able to browse the internet, connect to your friends via Skype, download latest blockbusters, hang out on Facebok or twitter and go shopping online.


Well... is there still room for watching movies? Ha.... I am not really sure if there is indeed some time left to watch a movie on your blu ray player with all the other features that are right at your fingertips. And yes, almost all of the wireless blu ray players are also 3D. So after you spent hours talking to you friends online and going shopping online, you might have some hours left and may want use this time towatch a 3D movie on your new wi-fi blu ray player.....

And in case you have some money left, why not get a  LG BX580 Network 3D Blu-ray Disc Player? it's just $750.... i am just joking! You can get a wi-fi blu ray player for much less than this! And even if you are on low budget you will find a wi-fi blu ray player that fits your needs and budget!


So what blu ray player with wi-fi do I recommend? I definitely recommend: Samsung 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player with WiFi - BDD6500


I been using the Samsung BD-D6500 unit for a month now and found the picture and color rendition to be great. 3D viewing through my Samsung 3D ready HDTV and optional 3D glasses works well. I forgot to mention that I did try the SMARTHUB feature, which is the internet connection. It works great. There are all types of games and entertainment options available. Some are free and some are premiuim. You can setup an account and add cash to your wallet to purchase the premuim services. Very slick and functional although I have not purchased anything as of yet.


Well... again, I highly recommend this blu ray player with wifi!


In case you want to really great reviews on blu ray players check out Top 5 Blu Ray Player. I love this site! It has been really helpful when I was looking for a blu ray player with wi-fi.